Motorcycles became a part of my life in 1983 when my sister bought her first bike, a Yamaha RD50M. I was 15 so I was too young to ride myself, however, year later, I bought my very own RD50M: it was a little older than Julie’s and looked a lot worse!

I became addicted to the freedom, the power and the open roads… well, they were a lot more empty back in the 80s! Within a year, I had upgraded to a Kawasaki KE175 before taking my bike test in 1985. From there it was more power, bigger engines and faster top speeds… until, in 1987 when, on a trip up to Cumbria with my sister on the back of my Kawasaki Z650, we were t-boned by a white van at a cross-roads. Julie had a very complex break to her lower leg where the van’s bumper had pushed it into the rear wheel, while I got away with a broken ankle, wrist and a couple of ribs. The bike was a write-off.

I started travelling abroad in 1989 on board a brand new Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster: loaded up with just a change of clothes, a mate on the back and another accompanying us on a Kawasaki GPZ550, we headed off to Duisburg, Germany where my sister was working for a year. I didn’t even take a toolkit and, by the end of the journey, the chain was so slack, I could hardly change gear! Since then I have made several trips over la Manche including a 3,600 mile round trip to Faro, Portugal in 1997; a big loop taking in France, Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland and Belgium in 2006; another journey to the Czech Republic in 2008 for the MotoGP; and a wonderful ride down through France and Andorra to the MotoGP at Barcelona in 2013.

Many bikes have come and gone over the intervening 30 years but my passion has remained strong. I still look at a World map and imagine, one day, loading the bike up and heading off over the horizon to explore and discover new things. This has directed me to my current motorcycle, a 2011 Triumph Tiger 800XC complete with metal luggage, hard-wired navigation and many more personalisations to give me the travelling bike that I am happy with.

Below is a list of bikes that I have owned:

  • Yamaha RD 50 M
  • Kawasaki KE 175
  • Yamaha RD 250 LC [stolen]
  • Honda CB 250 RS
  • Yamaha RD 350 LC [stolen]
  • Suzuki GS 550 E
  • Kawasaki Z 650 [written off]
  • Kawasaki KE 125
  • Yamaha RD 250 LC
  • Honda CB 750 Chopper [stolen]
  • Honda CB 400/4
  • Yamaha YB 100
  • Suzuki TS 125
  • Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster
  • Honda CB 750 Chopper
  • Honda CB 900 F
  • Yamaha SR 500
  • Yamaha XS 550 Chopper
  • Honda CB 750
  • Yamaha XS 650 Chopper
  • Kawasaki Z 400 B
  • BSA D14/4 Bantam
  • Honda CB 200
  • Honda CR 125
  • Honda CD 185 Benley
  • Yamaha FS-1E
  • BSA D7 Bantam
  • BSA D14/4 Bantam
  • Honda 50 Moped
  • Jawa 350 & Sidecar
  • Capri Scooter
  • Honda CB 400 A Hondamatic
  • Honda CB 750 K2
  • Yamaha RD 350 YPVS
  • Yamaha SRX 600
  • BSA C12
  • Yamaha SR 500 Chopper
  • Suzuki GN 250
  • Honda GL 500 Silverwing
  • Honda CB 250 N Superdream
  • Honda CB 400 A Hondamatic
  • BSA B31
  • Honda CM 400
  • Triumph T595 Daytona
  • Kawasaki Z 650
  • Honda CB 750 K
  • Yamaha SRX 400
  • Honda CD 200
  • Yamaha XS 400
  • Yamaha XV 250 Route 66
  • Cagiva Raptor 1000
  • BSA M21 Bobber
  • Triumph 955 Speed Triple
  • Triumph 5TA Speed Twin
  • Triumph 955i Daytona
  • Triumph 1050 Daytona/Tiger/Speed Triple Hybrid
  • Honda VFR 400 NC30
  • BSA B31
  • Suzuki DR 125
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XC
  • Honda XL 250
  • Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

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