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Shoei Hornet DS

Keeping your noggin safe is probably one of the most important things to consider when travelling on a motorcycle.

About a year ago, I bought myself the Shoei Hornet DS helmet in white. I have previously owned 5 Shoei helmets, so I knew that I would be getting a quality lid, although having a dual sport helmet is fairly new to me. Everything about the Hornet DS feels like quality from the removable linings to the quality of the painted shell, the DS gives the owner everything that he wants from a premium helmet designer.

The visor integrates the wonderful Pinlock system ensuring that you have a clear view in most circumstances. The visor itself is a bit more of a job to remove and replace than most of my previous Shoei helmets but this is down to the fact that the peak is also secured by the hinge mechanism retaining bolt. Due to this, Shoei do not offer anything more than the clear visor or a light tint alternative. Those who like to ride with a dark tinted visor in the summer months may be disappointed but the peak does offer quite a bit of shielding for the eyes.

Ventilation is catered for with a chin vent along with two additional vents above the visor and a fourth within the peak. All vents as well as the two rear exhausts can be set open or closed depending on your preference. In June 2013, I was riding in northern Spain where the temperature was in the 30s all of the time; I rode with all vents open and was rewarded by a cooling flow over my head that enabled me to concentrate on riding the bike instead of worrying about overheating.

The lining and padding is extremely comfortable, just like all of my previous Shoei helmets. As it is all removable, it is easy to keep clean and Shoei do sell pads in differing sizes so that you can get the most comfortable fit.

As with the majority of helmets, the strap is secured with D loops which ensure that it remains comfortable and secure at all times.

All in all, I have found this helmet to be very comfortable if a little noisier than pure road biased helmets. The fit and finish is perfect and everything is easily removed for cleaning. Cleaning can be a bit more involved compared to a road biased helmet due to the peak: I tend to remove everything from the shell so that I can get into every nook and cranny because, being white, it can get very dirty very quickly!